Bio: I am a very loving, outspoken, stay at home mom to a beautiful boy. I am also an Autism Advocate. I love to cook, clean, fish, hunt, camp, watch football (while cooking, of course).. and I love to talk. Well, I love to talk online. Being a stay at home mom, I have not really had a chance to get out and meet new people. The friends that I do have live hours from here. So I use this and Facebook as my way to communicate with the outside world. I am honest, and have been told, blunt. I never mean to be rude to anyone, but I tell it like it is. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I have no problem sharing mine! But please, do not assume that I think that everything I say, I believe to be true. These are just my opinions, and I love to hear others. I believe this is how you learn and grow! The moment you stop listening....the moment you stop learning! That being said... I hope that you find humor in my blog. I will talk about serious things...but please know that I have a HUGE sense of humor.. and I am a smart ass. I know it is really hard to get someone's tone over the computer. So do this... think of your favorite person that you find to be funny.... read my blogs in their tone 😉 Like I said, I am just a very honest, open and blunt person. I never want to offend or hurt anyone...but I also know that you can't make everyone happy :)~ But.. I damn sure try! Thanks for reading my blog! ❤ Mo

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